I've loved photography ever since I received a Brownie Camera for Christmas when I was nine years old.  In fact, that snapshot above, my brother Ken standing by our back yard apple tree, is the first I ever shot. Yes, I had a lot to learn.

According to Mark Twain, β€œThe secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” I heard that one many years ago, but got it mixed up. I aspired instead to make my vacation my vocation. And when I was on vacation, I loved to take photos! Early on, my wife would turn to me and say "Dan... why don't you put that camera down and just enjoy the view?"

But -- taking photographs was how I did enjoy the view. And in time others enjoyed the views I had captured too. I knew my vacation "vocation" was getting somewhere when my wife began to say "Don't forget to bring your camera."

I hope that over the years, I've learned some. I have been and remain an avocational photographer. Until I retired, my day (and all too often night) job was as a Lutheran pastor. I haven't photographed weddings. I do not have the set up to do formal portraits. I just photograph when I notice something potentially interesting.  In short, as Graham Nash put it so many years ago, "I am a simple man/So I sing a simple song."

Some believe that simple is good. I do. So have fun looking around. If you enjoy what you see here, let me know. Send me a message on the "Contact" page.